Bad News, Good News

Julia Mongrain, TV writer and producer and ultimate Indianapolis Colts fan hasn’t had much to cheer about this year.  With quarterback / wizard Peyton Manning watching the games from the sidelines, it’s hard to tell which one is more depressed about the season.

More bad news for sports fans, uber-fan and super-producer of SUPERNATURAL, the Mighty Jim Michaels, saw no joy from his ChiTown NFL boys this weekend.  Seems the Chicago Bears forgot to show up for the game, at least mentally. 😦

And then there’s me.  Mercy Me.  No “merci” in this post over the disastrous meltdown of my beloved University of Kentucky Wildcats and their lack of follow-through at the end of their game against Indiana University.  DID NONE OF YOU EVER SEE THE CLIP OF THE DUKE FIASCO???  It was such a flashback that I got agita.

Now, for the good news… Speaking of SUPERNATURAL, actor Misha Collins is returning for a few episodes.  I invoke, conjure and command the-powers-that-be to bring back all of the “dead” favorites and build a frame for a feature film.  The folks are Warner Bros. are a smart group and might be looking for a tentpole series to intersperse in-between Hobbit movies.  If every SUPERNATURAL fan saw the feature film at least twice (think TWILIGHT), the WB folks could sit back and count the cash rolling in the door.

So what about, folks?  Anyone up for a SUPERNATURAL feature film?


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